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How We Became Lake Ridge Bank

We knew right from the start that one of the most important decisions we would need to make was what to name our new bank.

To maximize your company’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability, you need to develop and nurture strong relationships with quality advisors.

Business, much like football, is a team game, and there are a number of personnel who are critically important to the success of any organization.

Serving customers and delivering legendary customer experiences is an emotional endeavor. That means it’s personal, complex, often illogical, and never perfect.

Our time, and that of our clients, is a precious commodity. So how are you breaking through the noise to get – and hold – their attention?

We’re focused on serving customers, not just servicing their transactions. This means, in every client conversation, I ask, “What do you need help with?”

The complex nature of contractor accounting practices can present special challenges when looking for financing. The good news is, they can be overcome.

By partnering with a financial intermediary, we can help your business secure a commercial loan with a fixed interest rate for up to 25 years.

The path paved by analytics should always lead to optimization. Take advantage to find out what your business does best.

Is this the year you expand your business, double your growth, or invest more in yourself and your employees? Here are some ways your banker can help.

Relationships play a vital role in every facet of your business's operation. Their quality has a profound impact on sales and retention.

Statistics show that greater diversity within an organization drives performance and innovation. How are you ensuring equity and diversity on your team?

The intangible drive to get things done is often referred to as an entrepreneurial mindset. Leaders can do much to nurture that mindset in their employees.

Here are a few topics re: the SECURE Act to consider carefully, if you are tasked with administering a retirement plan for your co-workers or employees.

Expanded Application of the "Penny Rule" Can Yield Big Benefits for Businesses