Public Depositories

Secure Banking and Access from a Bank You Can Trust

Efficiency. Ease of access. Security. These are just a few of the reasons you should find a bank you can trust to handle your municipal funds. The other reason? Experience.  At Lake Ridge Bank, we work with more than 50 public depositories. That expertise enables us to understand your unique banking needs, as well as provide products and solutions that keep your organization running smoothly.

Public Depository Banking Products

We recommend one or more of the following banking products for our public depository customers: 

  • Business Checking Accounts: With a low minimum balance requirement and other benefits, our business checking works best for businesses with higher transaction volume as well as sophisticated cash flow and reporting requirements.
  • Business Savings Accounts: Our money market accounts provide you flexibility and access to your funds when you need them.
  • Tax-free Financing*: Choose from a variety of tax-free loan options for funding capital investments *Consult your tax advisor.


Value-Added Solutions

To serve our customers better, we have additional value-added business solutions for greater access and more efficient account management, including:

Fraud Protection

Our Check-Positive Pay solution minimizes the risk interrupted or compromised accounts and funds.

Mobile Banking

Access your account balance, perform transactions, or review statements from your mobile device.

Payment Solutions

Flexible payment processing methods include online wire transfers, merchant services for credit card acceptance and more.

Online Banking

Secure and immediate access to your accounts and statements with our eBank service, and deposit checks with ease using our eCourier check deposit service.

Business Credit Cards

Consolidate and simplify purchases with a business credit card. Our competitive, locked-in interest rates feature rewards, online account access and no annual fees

ACH Origination, ACH Filter

Control your payables and receivables with ease using our online system of ACH Origination and ACH filter services

The Solutions You Need

Our goal is to serve our municipalities securely and efficiently with the support and knowledge of our easily accessible operational team. We provide the right banking tools to help you manage multiple accounts as efficiently as possible. Contact one of our banking specialists to learn more about how we can help as your public depository.

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