Mortgage Assistance

Here to Support You. Always.

At Lake Ridge Bank we understand that homeowners may face hardships and in turn may need mortgage payment assistance - we are here to help. The right option for you depends on your individual circumstances. Explore the options below. 

To get started: complete the Mortgage Assistance Application and either send via a secured email to or mail to: 

Lake Ridge Bank
Attn: Loss Mitigation Dept.
1205 Main Street
Cross Plains, WI 53528

Call us for additional information or assistance at (608) 223-3000 or (877) 775-9411.

Stay in Your Home


Overview: Available if you have the funds to pay all past due amounts in a single lump-sum payment. 
Benefit: Allows you to bring your mortgage current immediately.

Repayment Plan

Overview: Pay all past due amounts together with your regular monthly payments over an extended period of time. This is available if you have sufficient income to cover more than your regular monthly payment.
Allows you time to bring your mortgage current without having to make a single lump-sum payment.

Forbearance Plan

Overview: Make reduced payments or no payments for a specific period of time (for example, six months). During this time your mortgage will become increasingly delinquent.
Benefit: Allows you time to improve your financial situation and possibly qualify for another option, such as a modification, upon completion of the forbearance plan.


Overview: Make modified payments based on new terms.  Requires your successful completion of a three-month trial period plan.

Benefit: Allows you to bring your mortgage current by modifying your mortgage. Intended to make your payments or terms more manageable; typically results in a lower monthly payment.

Leave Your Home

Short Sale

Overview: Sell your property and proceeds from the sale are used to pay off a portion of your mortgage balance when you owe more on your mortgage than the home is worth.
Benefits: Allows you to transition out of your home to avoid foreclosure, and the remainder of your mortgage debt after the transfer of ownership may be forgiven, but there may be tax consequences – consult a tax advisor.

Mortgage Release (Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure)

Overview: Transfer ownership of your property to us in exchange for relief from some or all of the mortgage debt.
Benefits: Allows you to transition out of your home if you are unable to sell your home to avoid foreclosure. The remainder of your mortgage debt after the transfer of ownership may be forgiven, but there may be tax consequences—consult a tax advisor.