Investment & Cash Management Services

Business Wealth Management

It Pays to Have Options

Successful, growing businesses frequently need Investment Management services to help them profitably accumulate and manage cash for short-, intermediate-, and longer-term needs. Our Cash Management Account offers investment options beyond those available through traditional business banking services, without sacrificing liquidity needs.


Cash Management Account Benefits

Short-Term Investment Solutions

Substantially enhanced yields via a wide range of short-term investment vehicles, including, but not limited to: Money market funds, short-term bond funds, United States Treasury Securities

Restriction-Free Transfers

Funds transfers between your Cash Management and business operating accounts entirely free of monthly transfer restrictions

Investment-Specific Yields

Yields determined by the investment type(s) selected, rather than the account balance

Improved Liquidity

Improved liquidity management through the ability to utilize multiple investment options, all in one account

Single-Account Efficiency

Consolidation of business investment vehicles into one account, with attendant management, tracking, and reporting benefits

Well-Rounded Options 

Improved diversification and risk management characteristics

Investment Management Account Services

Business owners (and their families) can also benefit by taking advantage of our Investment Management Account services. From corporate-cash account management, to qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, to comprehensive financial planning, our team can find you the option that will best enhance long-term profitability and improve your ability to attract and retain first-rate employees.

To discover how our Investment & Cash Management Services can help you, reach out to a member of our team today.

Treasury Management Services

Additionally, we offer a complete suite of Treasury Management services for all aspects of your financial operation, geared toward helping you:

  • Maximize working capital
  • Manage or extend payables
  • Develop a proper account structure
  • Protect against the ever-increasing risk of fraud 
  • Invest excess cash
  • Develop the reporting to help you run your business more effectively

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