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The Gift of Peace of Mind

One of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family is the assurance that your financial life is in order, with provisions in place for the professional care and administration of your trust and/or estate. 

Business ownership can complicate delivery of that gift, because it requires specialized planning that accounts for detailed business continuation and succession considerations. There is also the important matter of trust and estate administration, which, again, must consider the special complexities and demands of business ownership.

In general, trust administration is complicated and requires a thorough working knowledge of fiduciary law, estate planning, investment management, and taxation issues. It also demands extraordinary people skills, absolute commitment to impartiality in dealing with beneficiaries, and the ability and willingness to always be available.

Business ownership demands much more of your chosen trustee. That person must have a broad working knowledge of general business practices and corporate governance, as well as a willingness to closely work with other members of your professional advisory team.

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Experience, Expertise, Excellence

Our Trust Officers possess all these attributes, nurturing them through extensive continuing education programs and with cutting-edge resources, and never losing focus on serving your loved ones with integrity and dedication.

With more than 300 years’ collective experience in dealing with families and their businesses involving all types of trust arrangements, we stand ready to serve you.

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