Meet Our Team Agriculture Experts

Across Wisconsin, our Ag team’s roots run deep – most were born into the industry, many continue to operate and work on farms, and all have strong connections to the local farming community. We realize that, for as much commonality that exists across operators, every business is unique. Your operation requires and deserves an individualized approach from its banking and risk management partner. Each member of our Ag Division understands this and is ready to help your operation reach its full potential. After all, we are Your Partner for All Seasons. Get to know us below.

Jon Troiola

Crop Insurance Specialist

Rachel Ripp

Crop Insurance Associate

Lisa Runnels

Crop Insurance Specialist

Kelsey Mawhinney

Crop Insurance Associate

Kassy Ripp

Ag/Business Relationship Manager

Tommy Brennan

Senior Vice President - AG/Business Relationship Manager

David Fahey

Senior Vice President - Senior Ag/Business Relationship Manager

Amy (Silver) Austin

AG/Business Relationship Manager

Stephen Eager

Market President

Jessica Sarbacker

Vice President – Crop Insurance Manager

Rene Johnson

Senior Vice President – AG/Business Relationship Manager

Lisa Higgins

Vice President – AG/Business Relationship Manager