Personal Finance Manager

Budgeting Tool

Budget to Reach Your Goals 

Now you can get a complete picture of your finances by bringing the information from all your accounts into our easy-to-use Personal Finance Manager. 

Our powerful software allows you to collect your account data from other financial institutions, credit cards, investment accounts, mortgage, and insurance accounts into one place. Then, with all your information at your fingertips, our tools help you analyze your spending, track your investment portfolios, reach savings goals, and take control of your finances. 

Features & Benefits

Our Personal Finance Manager lets you:

Monitor Accounts. Pull your credit cards, investment accounts, mortgage, and insurance accounts into one tool.

Budget. Build a budget in minutes and automatically track spending for each category. Easily analyze your expense, income and cash flow with customized charts and graphs.

Set Goals. Get customized spending alerts when you are approaching the spending limits in budget categories. Our tool is designed to help you make the most informed decisions about your investments. Start tracking your progress toward your financial goals today!

Get started by logging into Personal Online Banking and select Budget form the home screen. Once enrolled, simply select Add Accounts to get started.


Locate the Help Center within the tool to access additional FAQ and tips. You can also chat online with bank staff or call us at (855) 256-7328 for further assistance.

To categorize a transaction, simply click on the word ‘Uncategorized’ by that transaction and select the Category that applies. To customize your own categories, select ‘Add/edit Your Categories’.

For accounts with Lake Ridge Bank you will be able to see a 365 day of transaction history. External accounts may be limited by the other financial institution site.

Yes, you can export transactions as either a CSV or excel file. To export, select Transactions and then Export to begin.

Yes, click on Add Accounts in the Accounts section of the Dashboard page. If your financial institution name is not found by the search engine, you can still add the account by selecting ‘click here to add an offline account’ at the bottom of the Add Account window.

No, your accounts that you see within online banking are automatically included as part of the application. You do not need to add these accounts.

Within Online Banking, simply click Budget to get started.

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