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Together, Let's Give Your Clients More.

Trust is at the heart of any meaningful relationship, and at Lake Ridge Bank, we embrace the hard work it takes to earn yours—and your clients’. And once we have, we’re going to work even harder to keep it, whether it’s providing a spot-on solution to a complex problem or simply taking the time to listen. Because once we’ve formed a true partnership based on trust, that’s when our trustee and fiduciary services deliver the greatest benefit: to your clients: peace of mind knowing their financial life is in order for their lifetime and beyond.

Our Wealth Management Team has a long, successful history of partnering with external money managers. Whether serving as trustee or acting as agent under a durable power of attorney for finances, we can work TOGETHER to serve your clients and secure their future. 


Full Suite of Wealth Services

Join the scores of Madison-area attorneys who have counted on us to help their clients with:
  • Living Trusts
  • Testamentary Trusts 
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
  • Marital and Family Trusts
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Guardianship


  1. You keep the assets, we serve as professional fiduciary and/or trustee.
  2. Your client continues working with you, their trusted financial advisor
  3. We provide over 120 years’ combined experience as professional fiduciary and trustee
  4. Our Madison headquarters provides prompt, local decision-making, and accessibility
  5. Our team works with unique accounts and acts as financial POA when needed


Do you have clients who are beneficiaries of a trust? If so, start the conversation. Questions you could ask your clients:

  • “Are you happy with how your trust is managed?”
  • “Does it get the attention it deserves?”
  • “Would you be interested in meeting with a member of the Wealth Management Team at State Bank of Cross Plains to review the trust’s management?”

From Diverse Knowledge to Superb Service, a Team Like No Other.

Your clients need someone who can handle the complications sometimes involved with trust administration. That’s us. Our team members have more than 300 years of experience and possess a thorough working knowledge of fiduciary law, estate administration, investment management, and taxation issues. Combine that with their extraordinary people skills, a commitment to impartiality in dealing with beneficiaries, and the ability and willingness to be available, and you’ve got yourself a dream team.

Reach out to a team member below, email or call (608) 826-3570 for further information on how our Wealth Management Division can help your clients meet their financial goals. 

Let’s Connect

Beth Jacobsen

Assistant Vice President – Trust Officer

Bill Czaplewski

Vice President & Trust Officer

Christine Sperry

Trust Officer

Evan Gradoville

Trust Officer & Portfolio Manager

Jeff Ellestad

Assistant Vice President – Trust Business Development Officer

Jeff Supple

Vice President – Trust Officer

Jennifer Kolinski

Personal Trust Officer

Jennifer Sheahan

Vice President – Trust Officer

Jordon Geiger

Senior Vice President – Senior Trust Officer

Julia Hanlon

Vice President - Senior Personal Trust Officer

Kathy Esser

Vice President – Senior Personal Trust Officer

Mark Drachenberg

Vice President – Trust Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager

Mark Van Someren CSOP, CTOP

Assistant Vice President - Trust Operations Officer

Paul Zander

Trust Officer

Steve Slocum

Portfolio Manager & Trust Officer