Financial Planning

Planning for Every Stage of Life, with People You Can Trust

Thoughtful financial planning presents a unique opportunity to secure a better financial future for yourself and your loved ones. This means creating a plan for every stage in your life, such as: saving for college, pre-retirement savings, retirement (second act) transition planning, retirement income management, and legacy planning.

While there’s no shortage of financial planners to choose from in the marketplace, not all are designated as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. Those who are – like the five on our team – have the extensive training, experience requirements, and ethical standards to make recommendations with only your best interests in mind.

Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM practitioners understand the diverse and complex needs of individuals and couples from all walks of life. They’ll thoroughly assess your financial situation, help you establish appropriate goals, and create a plan for the successful fulfillment of your desired lifestyle.

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  • Young Professionals: New investors may not be quite ready to think about retirement, but we can help them get started on the road to retirement and estate planning, while taking advantage of modest investments early in life.
  • Mid-Career / Mid-Life: We help these individuals gain a clearer picture of life at retirement age, and talk through the income and budget changes necessary to reach their financial goals and desired future lifestyle. We also help them create a road map for retirement and adjust their portfolios to ensure they reach their goals, as well as prepare for any unexpected circumstances.
  • Retirement / Second Act / Post-Retirement: The planning doesn’t stop at retirement age. With many continuing work post-retirement, individuals must consider lifestyle and income adjustments to ensure financial staying power through their 90s and beyond, while preparing for changes and planning for their legacy. Second-act planning is geared toward people who continue to work during traditional retirement age, as well as those for whom work takes on a different look (e.g., part-time, consulting, etc.). 

What’s in a Financial Plan?

Investment Management

Our philosophy reflects a conservative, long-term-focused approach, a commitment to using high-quality assets, and an emphasis on risk management.

Retirement Planning & Retirement Income Management

Regardless of your goals, retirement income planning is the essential ingredient for ensuring that you enjoy your preferred lifestyle.

Estate Planning

Peace of mind and enhanced financial security become reality when a thoughtfully designed estate plan is combined with professional trustee services.

Risk Management (Insurance)

Whatever life throws your way, we’ll work with you to ensure that you’re ready to handle it and protect what matters most.

Tax Planning

Tax planning and preparation can be daunting and complex, but we can help demystify the process to your benefit.

Education Funding

While there’s no greater gift you can give yourself than a solid education, paying for it can be challenging – fortunately, we’re here to help.

Secure your legacy. Plan for tomorrow.

Now is the time to secure your legacy and prepare for a more rewarding tomorrow. Email us at or call (608) 826-3570 for further information on how our Wealth Management Division can help you meet your financial goals.

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