Commercial Real Estate

Efficient and Secure Transactions for Your Biggest Investments

In the volatile world of commercial real estate, a local banking partner can support your growth. At Lake Ridge Bank, our experienced business banking advisors know the demands and requirements of the real estate industry, as well as the intricacies of the local market. 

Real Estate Banking Products

We recommend you sit down with one of our local business banking advisors, who will recommend which of our products or services makes the most sense for your business. Some of the solutions we offer real estate investors include:
  • Business Checking Accounts: Built for higher transaction volume and advanced cash flow and reporting needs.
  • Business Savings & Money Market Accounts: Low-balance options for keeping investment funds readily available to your business.
  • SBA Program: For funding assistance, including the possibility of less cash equity, when you need it for new construction projects or acquisitions.
  • Long-Term Fixed-Interest Rate Options: Provide flexibility when you’re ready to expand your business portfolio.
  • TIF Tax Credit Programs: For flexible, pay-as-you-go financing for infrastructure improvements or redevelopment projects.
  • WHEDA Guarantee: Specialized financing provided by the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority.

Value-Added Real Estate Industry Solutions

At Lake Ridge Bank, we know that making and receiving payments reliably in a timely manner, as well as having access to capital in real time, are just a few of the important requirements you need in your banking partner. That’s why we offer so many value-added services for our business customers, including:

Business Online Banking

Whenever/wherever access to funds and seamless, smooth transactions.

Fraud Protection Services

Watching over your accounts with real-time alerts, as well as automatic solutions to combat check and ACH fraud.

Cost Segregation Programs

As a trusted financial partner, we can help facilitate cost segregation programs to help you maximize your profitability.

Mobile Banking Solutions

Deposit, review, and approve transactions right from your mobile device.

Payment Solutions

Options for making and receiving payments, including: Automated Clearing House (ACH), wire transfer, international payments, mobile wallet, eCourier, eBank portal.

Business Credit and Debit Cards

Competitive rates, rewards, mobile access, and no annual fee.

Your Partner in Growth

The experienced local team at Lake Ridge Bank has got you covered with our suite of commercial real estate banking products and services. With our financial tools and resources, we will not only meet your business needs, but partner with you as you grow. Contact your local business banker today to set up an appointment.