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The dairy industry is full of variables, like market fluctuations, weather, and demand shifts. At Lake Ridge Bank, we understand the impact that these variables can have on your business, and stand ready to provide you the necessary resources to manage and guide your business to success.

Our first-hand experience and decades of combined expertise allows our crop insurance specialists and ag lenders to deliver customized products and services to meet your dairy needs. We’re not concerned with the size of your operation – we want to take the time to understand how it runs and what your goals are, so we can best help you reach your ultimate success.


Dairy Farm Loans

Designed to keep your business operating, so you won’t have to suspend production in the wake of a challenge. Our lenders work with you to secure financing that allows you to invest in your business, so you can continue to increase profitability.

Livestock Gross Margin (LGM)*

LGM uses future prices for corn, soybean meal, and milk, to determine expected and actual gross margin – that is, the market value of milk, minus feed costs. LGM Dairy is a federally regulated program through the USDA Risk Management Agency, and can be tailored to fit different dairy operations.

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