Simple, Efficient and Secure Check Processing

Enjoy the convenience of Lake Ridge Bank eCourier service that allows you to scan checks and transmit those images without having to leave your office. The result is faster deposits, time savings, gas savings and incredible convenience for you and your business.

The checks you receive for payment are scanned at your office to create an imaged deposit. These images are transmitted to us over an encrypted internet connection. The bank receives the file with the deposited images and the deposit is made to your designated account. The original checks are securely stored and then destroyed by the customer after an established time frame.


Features & Benefits

  • Conveniently eliminate daily trips to the bank by making deposits any time you want directly from your desk
  • You and your employees time is valuable, you will save time, gas, risk and money by reducing trips to the bank. In addition, research time is reduced by having 45 days of images online for you to view
  • There is no need to rush to the bank to make a deposit before a cutoff time. By being able to make deposits anytime, you will have quicker access to those funds in your account