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How We Became Lake Ridge Bank

We knew right from the start that one of the most important decisions we would need to make was what to name our new bank.

It's important to create thoughtful order in your financial life, and that includes providing for proper care and administration of your estate.

When succession planning, don't just consider the impact on management style and corporate vision ... consider financial costs of the transition.

Business owners may not want to think about their potential death or disability, but it is important to do just that to determine future success.

In the next 20 years, we will have perhaps the largest transfer of wealth in history. Much will be in the form of transferring a business.

Does your business have a short-term contingency plan? Contingency planning is an essential part to preparing for unexpected absence from the business.

There is no formula a business owner can use to address the emotional side of succession. But there are strategies to ensure a legacy isn’t left to chance.

At some point, we may inherit a home/other real property. Consulting with professionals improves one’s chances of doing so under favorable circumstances.

When it comes to succession planning, it’s not a question of “if” as much as “when” and “how” you will set your business up to carry on after you move on.